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EEA citizens and their family members do not need a work permit to work in Hungary, their employer only needs to report their employment as a foreign citizen employed without a permit.

However, in case of a longer stay, registration is required, and in case of privilege to it, permanent residence can also be applied for.

We can undertake the administration of the following requests:

Registration Certificate for EEA Nationals

An EEA citizen who has the intent of pursuing a gainful activity, or who has sufficient resources for himself and his family for the entire duration of his stay, or who has been admitted to an educational establishment for the intent of pursuing his studies, is entitled to stay for more than 90 days, but it can’t extend for more than one hundred and eighty days.

Residence Card for Third-country National Family Member of EEA National

A family member who is a third-country national accompanying an EEA national or joining an EEA national, or any other person recognized as a family member, defined in the relevant legislation, may receive a residence card.

Permanent Residence Card

The right of permanent residence includes the EEA citizen, who has resided legally in Hungary for five years without interruption. However, the relevant legislation provides several benefits for EEA nationals residing in Hungary for the purpose of gainful employment, according to which it is not necessary to complete an uninterrupted five-year. A permanent residence card issued to an EEA national is valid indefinitely.


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