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When submitting various permits or for the employment of a foreign worker, it may be necessary to have other documents, certificates and identifiers.

Without wishing to be exhaustive, we can undertake the management of the following matters for either a third-country national or a national of a Member State of the European Union:

  • Request a tax number or tax card
  • TAJ number, request for TAJ card
  • EU Health Card
  • Address report, address card, address registration
  • Arranging a birth certificate
  • License recognition
  • Report of employment without requirement of work licence (Ukrainian and Serbian workers, EU workers)
  • Opening a bank account or bank card
  • Statement of sole proprietorship
  • Diploma recognition
  • Administration of professional qualifications and documents required for the employment of a foreign citizen
  • OFFI administration (official translation)
  • Administration of private health insurance
  • Obtaining a Certificate of criminal record
  • PÁV administration for truck driver
  • Vehicle registration
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